About Us

The postgraduate branch of the Memory Network invites postgraduate students to discuss the role of memory in both academic and public life. We aim to bring together graduate students from a variety of backgrounds to share new insights into memory and how it is conceived, to discuss the implications of this and to reflect on how our conversation might broaden the scope of our future research. Our driving vision is to create a dialogue between the sciences and humanities, achieving a combined effort in formulating and answering questions surrounding human memory and the brain.

Memory fascinates writers and scientists alike and is especially relevant in today’s political and cultural climate, in which the approaching centenary of the outbreak of World War One raises issues related to forgetting as well as remembrance and the neurosciences continue to make impressive progress on mapping the human brain. How do we proceed with this new knowledge about ourselves? What role does academic research in the sciences and humanities play in understanding memory? The experiences of remembering and forgetting are integral to our daily lives, on both individual and collective levels. The Memory Network seeks to encourage interdisciplinary discussion of these topics, building on an appreciation of the increasingly blurred line between scientific and artistic endeavours. We aim to excite, encourage and enable students to join this urgent and fascinating dialogue through seminars, events and conferences.


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