We proudly present the first PGMN conference: Memory and Travel!

Would you travel if you could not remember where you had been? What do you remember about the places you have been to? How do you record these memories? Although travellers have always kept journals and scrapbooks, nowadays digital technology and social media enable us to construct our memories instantly and broadcast them globally: how has this altered our travel-narratives? Where is home, what does it mean and how does it change the farther we travel? How do ideas and narratives travel between different cultures? How soon will we be further exploring (and holidaying in) space and what will happen to our memory of earth whilst we’re out there? Where will our travelling end? 

Come and explore these questions – and ask some more – at the Postgraduate Memory Network’s inaugural conference, to be held in Central London on Wednesday 3 September 2014. We invite papers from all academic disciplines, interpreting ‘memory and travel’ as broadly and creatively as possible. Please send 300-word abstracts to pgmemorynetwork@gmail.com by 1 August. All are welcome to attend. For further details and updates regarding speakers and venue etc., please visit pgmemorynetwork.wordpress.com. We look forward to sharing our ideas with you!     


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