Call for papers! ‘Memory & Age’ seminar

How does age affect our memory? We’ll be exploring this topic in our next seminar, which will be held in the Bailey room at the University of Roehampton from 3 – 6pm on Tuesday 10th June 2014.


We’re interested in hearing talks from all kinds of disciplines so if you’re interested in contributing a 15 minute talk then please get in touch!





  1. Brilliant idea. Are the meetings ever on a Wednesday? Do you have to be an academic? From Roehampton? do you look at cultural issues or memory deficits such as dementia? How can I sign up for the news letter. Thanks Angela

    1. Hi Angela, sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner.. we meet at different times and not always at Roehampton. We are a multidisciplinary group so we welcome all approaches to exploring memory, e.g. psychological or historicals perspectives of a specific theme. You don’t have to be an academic but we are primarily a postgrad group. We don’t have a newsletter but we do put updates on this website and also our Twitter account, which is @pg_mn. Hope to hear from you soon. – A

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